Winter Look Book

2016 has come to an end but Winter has just about begun. I live in Mumbai and I am loving the morning and late night chills that we ,finally , are experiencing here. Yeah ! Yeah ! For us Winter has come at 22ºc and that is pretty much it…let’s just say that we are the King’s Landing of the Seven Kingdoms and leave it at that ! 
I am a winter baby and absolutely love these 3 months, mainly cause of the fashion i.e Knits , Jackets , Boots , Beanies and Mufflers ❤ ❤ ❤
So Cold or Not Cold , these plus size clothes are sure to add Fashion into your closet !

1. With the Athleisure trend coming into play , looking sporty has never felt this trendy! Inspired by Vaani Kapoor’s look in the very stylish Bollywood movie “Befikre” , this look is perfect for a chiller day with friends or while on your way to that family holiday.

Beige Star Knit Sweater : Sassy Soda at Westside Stores
Denim Skirt                       : Sassy Soda at Westside Stores
Lace Platform Shoes       :
Beige NY snapback          :
Watch                                  : Tommy Hilfiger


2. Let’s bust all myths surrounding palazzos please ! Who said that they don’t flatter curvy girls ? Palazzos look fab with those cuvilicious bootays and add to that a knitted top and you are good to go for that Kitty Party , Parent Teacher meeting or to work..

Mustard Knit top                 : L.O.V at Westside Stores
Black High Waist Palazzo :
Golden Gladiator Sandals :
Chain long neckpiece         : Colaba Causeway
Watch                                      : Tommy Hilfiger


3. A true fashion essential , one found draped across the shoulders of nearly everyone who gives any thought to what they wear , the “Bomber jacket” has really been there all year long with different variations of it coming in the market every now and then. Apart from the distressed a.k.a ripped jeans trend , Google too confirms that 2016 has undoubtedly been the year of the Bomber jacket and looks like this trend is here to stay!

Quilted Golden Bomber Jacket                               : Forever21+
Black Ribbed Tank top                                              : NEXT at
Solid Black Jeans                                                         : Gia at Westside Stores
Black Wedge Sneakers                                               : Forever21
Golden Hoop Earrings (that can’t be seen 😛 ):
Watch                                                                              : Tommy Hilfiger


4. Another extremely comfortable yet fashionable product in the athleisure trend has been  “Joggers”. For brunch with your guy or a coffee date with your girls or just while lazing around at home, these are a perfect combination of comfort and style !

Grey Knit Side Zipped Top                                        : Sassy Soda at Westside Stores
Maroon Joggers                                                            :
Tan Ankle Boots                                                           : Head Over Heels at Westside Stores
Golden Hoop Earrings that can’t be seen again: Forever21
Watch                                                                              : Tommy Hilfiger


That’s all for this look book !
Hope these looks can help make your winter fashion more trendier than it already is..
Until next time,
Bye My Loves…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Meenakshi Oswal says:

    A perfect blend of attitude n confidence.. very inspiring for all plus sizes… will try this new look… thank u plus size clothing for keeping us trendy…


  2. Nicole Concessao says:

    Love it!


  3. Mini says:

    Yup, at last we can afford to put on weight and yet look trendy


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