17 in 2017 !!!

Hello My Loves !!!
Firstly a Very Happy New Year to all of you , hope you all had a wonderful new year’s eve and secondly I hope that 2017 is treating you well so far.
It’s a new year and a great opportunity to start things fresh and renewed and with a more positive perspective . Speaking of  starting things, the new year always gets along with it, its bff , “Resolutions” ! Yes !!! I am sure no matter how miserably you’ve failed at keeping up your New Year’s resolution in the previous years, you must’ve still gone forth and thought of a list of things you will/will not do this 2017. But see here’s the thing that i don’t like about resolutions and the reason I stopped keeping them years ago , for me , and for most of you out there , majority of our resolutions are always weight based. Although we say that we wanna lose weight to get “healthier” , but in reality our mentality towards weight loss is usually very unhealthy !!! Let’s be honest, we all somewhere feel that our weight is the root cause of all our problems in life and upon losing weight we will suddenly become a Better Person or Happier and Peaceful or Popular or Successful or Desirable and all such other lovely adjectives , miraculously , and therefore we wanna lose weight. Am I right ? Ofcourse I am- I too felt the same way many years ago. AND when over a couple of weeks or months into that resolution , life happens and we eventually fall back into our old lifestyle patterns and end up not achieving that unattainable goal that we’d set , we feel horrible about ourselves and wait for the next year to start over afresh AGAIN ! This is all thanks to the mental conditioning by our society and the stuff we see on the media and it’s high time we break out from these ridiculous norms and incorporate things that are healthy to the mind and body !
Hint : Start by loving the body that you have and wearing things that are comfortable and that will make you feel good and confident throughout your day and notice how this brings all those aforementioned lovely adjectives into your life !

Jumping right into the blog… So since resolutions are not really my thing , I have decided that this year , I shall make a list of things I wanna do before the year ends , a bucket list of sorts and here they are…Leggo !

  1. Visit Delhi and shop at Sarojini Nagar ! (Must see for myself the magic of that place )
  2. Learn to cook one recipe that I have never eaten before .
  3. Volunteer for a good cause either with animals or people in need.
  4. Have friends over for a meal cooked by me.
  5. Attend at-least 2 dance workshops per month.
  6. Visit the Jijamata Udyan Zoo and relive my Bombay Scottish Annual Picnic memories..(they took us there every damn year ! Kyon ?!?!?! )
  7. Call on my own and speak to all my grandparents twice a month atleast…( I anyway do speak to my daadi once a week at-least and my naani once a month but not so much my other grandparents..so must make it a point…)
  8. Take a vacation to either Singapore , Macau or Thailand.
  9. Clean the house every month !!!:-/
  10. Take better care of my skin and teeth.
  11. Write one letter every month to a person. (cause nobody does that nowadays and writing letters is way more precious than whatsapp msgs or facebook status updates )
  12. Watch a live cricket match at a stadium.
  13. Learn something new – a sport / an instrument / a language / a craft or TO DRIVE !!!
  14. Restaurants I wanna try – Yauatcha , Masala Library , Busago , The Yoga House  and Gada da Vida.
  15. Watch a stand up comedy live. ( If I am lucky then “Kenny Sebastian “ )
  16. Take Troy for a long drive at-least once a month. 
  17. And lastly “Finish” reading 2 books in the entire year !!! ( Don’t hate me please…in my defense I am more of a picture person than words…how ironic..I know )

So that’s it…those are my 17 things to do in 2017. Now it’s time for you to make your list. Come on let’s make 2017 all about a happy soul , mind and body !
P.S : I shall keep updating this blog and strike out the goals that I achieve as and when they happen…

Until next time.
Bye My Loves …


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  1. Vidya Tewani says:

    Lovely 😊


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