5 Types of Shoes Every Curvy Girl’s Closet Must Have…

” Shoes are life , everything else is just an accessory !!! “

Hello My Loves !!!
Marilyn Monroe had rightly said , ” Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world ! ” . But how do you know what kind of shoes to buy or which one goes with what ?  Your choice of footwear can either make or break your outfit. I have seen gorgeous dresses looking cheap and thrifty just ’cause they weren’t paired with the right footwear and vice versa . Also , being curvy , most of us feel that there is very little to explore for us in the footwear department ’cause either we are told that our bodies don’t flatter pointed shoes or stilletos 😒 ( what even ?!? ) or that straps make the feet look bulgy or  we don’t find those oh-so-pretty heels comfortable to take more than 2 steps in them ( pssst…BTW even skinny models struggle with these shoes..trust me ) . So allow your’s truly to help you out with your jutti woes so that your outfit is always on fleek ! Now I know that we girls fall in love with a different shoe like everyday , but here is a list of 5 basics that you absolutely must have in your collection. Leggo…

 1. White Sneakers , Oxfords or  Keds
Let’s take a moment and give thanks to this trend come back cause it has only made all our lives easier! You literally can wear this with anything and look fly sans those nasty shoe bites and cracked heels that you get wearing other good looking shoes. Brunch , dinner , work , party , coffee dates , picnics , road trips , grocery shopping , you can wear it anywhere comfortably ’cause they go with everything from jeans , shorts , skater skirts , track pants , frocks to maxi gowns and pencil skirts ….. They could be your uniform !!! You also get these in a wide range of options now in the market and if you wanna go lace-less then you can always opt for Plimsoles , Loafers or Mocassins .

( Left to Right ) Pink Lace Keds : Head over Heals by Westside stores ; White Sneakers : Adidas Superstars in Pure white ; White Brogues : http://www.TheLabelLife.com

2. Glitter Slip-ons or Ballet Flats or Flat Pumps or Bellies
Call them what you want but these Cinderella slippers are an absolute must have in your closet. They are your normal ballet flats but with a little bit of glitz on them ! When the clock strikes twelve and all your other friends are crying about their high heels , you’ll be slayin’ and looking stylish in your flats. Dance like nobody is watching in these comfortable yet glamorous shoes ❤️

( Left to Right ) Soft Gold Bellies : Anupamaa at http://www.Fashionara.com ; Multicoloured Shimmer Flats : Head over Heels by Westside Stores ; Rose Gold Bow Flats :  www.StreetStyleStore.com

3. Black High Heeled Sandals
The single most essential shoe in your closet has to be a pair of sexy black sandals ! It can be anything from Pumps to Stilletos to Peep toes with Block heels , Kitten heels , Pencil heels or Wedges  and with Ankle straps , T traps , Mary Jane Straps , Tie up Straps to No Straps ! The options are endless 😍😍😍. I personally love faux suede pumps with good supporting straps and thick heels so I always go for block heels or wedges and sometimes the kitten heels ! Opt for plain black sandals rather than something with prints or embroidery or rhinestone embellishments ’cause these will instantly make your attire go from classy to trashy !

( Left to Right ) Peep toe wedges : Forever21 ; Mary Jane Block heeled pumps : Primark London

4. Boots
When my lust for shoes began , the culprits were Boots . I still remember , it was back in 2007 and the boots trend hadn’t yet made its way into the Indian market but I had just watched “The Devil Wears Prada” and I needed Boots. Every single person ( apart from my mom ) said that I was mad purchasing so many pairs cause a) They didn’t know the trend and b) Mumbai doesn’t really give opportunities to wear a lot of boots..it’s HOT and sweaty here but nothing could stop me from styling these beauties on me. Soonly and expectedly , 4yrs down the line suddenly everybody was wearing boots.I almost felt like a fashion revolutionist 😎!!! So basically girls , boots are a piece of heaven sent down to us to make us look fabulous in anything we wear from denim shorts ,ripped jeans , short skirts to long skirts and leggings. And again these can be worn everywhere !

( Left to Right ) Taupe Suede Wedge Booties : Tangoo by Steve Madden ; Black Leather Combat Boots : Troopa by Steve Madden ; Tan Suede Block Heeled Boots : Forever21

5. Nude Shoes
I feel one of the most underrated shoes is the Nude shoes. Most women don’t realise this but these are kinda like a lifeline ! They go with any coloured attire from solids to prints and they will always make you look classy. ( So much love it gives you and you!?!? No gratitude !!! ) Nude shoes are like the Bahus in Ekta Kapoor serials, always comes to the rescue , always looks on point and always does the right thing but still always goes unacknowledged 😂🙊 . Anyway….these also come in a wide variety of styles , shapes and heel sizes so go now and buy yourself one cause you need them.

( Left to Right ) Kitten Heeled Pumps : Carlton London ; Pointed Block Heeled Pumps : http://www.Limeroad.com ; Pointed Ballet Flats : Forever21

This brings us to the end of this blog. Now go forth and conquer the world you sexy warrior !

Until next time.
Bye My Loves…


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