Winter Look Book 2

Winter has come and Gone !

Hello My loves,
With the onset of Spring let’s put away all our winter wear in a suitcase that we don’t need to open for the next 7 months. But wait , not until we add some of these fashionable cosies into our collection so that we can use them next winter !!!
Yeah ????? Pfft… !!!!!!
OKAY …this post is super duper late and I apologise for that…but…( not giving excuses here ) (No I’m really not ! ) , here’s the thing right…it really bums me that so many times , creative people have so much that gets in their way…like legalities and shizz. It’s art… it’s creative and fun and entertaining and  informative and in no way is it ruining anything or affecting anything in a major way so just let it be and let people do their thing ! I just feel people nowadays just have to create issues about anything positive that tries to occur in the world !
If you can’t support it , don’t bash it !
I know I am being really vague here but just know that this post was supposed to come out earlier but due to unforeseen circumstances , it kept getting delayed ! But we all cool now 😀
So without further ado , let’s get right into the looks.

1. If looking classic and preppy is your style then this is perfect for you. Fuzzy and fluffy sweaters are my favourite ! Don’t you just love running your hands down them ? Silky smooth and soft on the outside and warm on the inside, keep your fashion quotient high with this faux angora sweater by Westside’s Sassy Soda .

Pink buttoned Sweater : Sassy Soda at Westside Stores
Floaral Frock                    : The Chubby Twirler 
Glitter Shoes                     : Head Over Heels at Westside Stores
Pearl Bracelet                   : Colaba Causeway

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2. Casual , Comfortable and Chic ! I would wear this as an airport look perhaps.

Grey Poncho Sweater     : L.O.V at Westside Stores
White Denim Jeggings   : NEXT UK available at
Grey Embellished Uggs  : Primark , London
Pearl Neckpiece                : Aldo Accessories
Watch                                  : Tommy Hilfiger



3. Yee-haw is what came to my mind when I was styling this look. Love the colour of this Poncho sweater. Cowl neck , Tassels and Tan Boots… where’s my Horse now !!!

Burgundy Poncho Sweater : Fashion to Figure
Blue Jeans                                : Gia at Westside Stores
Tan Boots                                 : Forever21
Watch                                         : Tommy Hilfiger



4.  It has just suddenly dawned upon me that a lot of the looks in this lookbook can be passed off as ones that have taken inspiration from many cities/states from the U.S.A. So after Boston , Alaska and Texas we now move on to Brooklyn 😛 .
If OTT and Drama is your thing and if you think that you are a “Lola” then this is a look you will surely love..Suede and Animal Prints…*snapping fingers * !

Tan Faux Suede Shrug            : Dorothy Perkins
Black Lace Skirt                         :
Grey Turtle Neck Ribbed Top : NEXT UK available at
Leopard Beret                            : Forever New
Tan Suede Shoes                       : Zara



5. When it comes to winters, a wardrobe is incomplete without The Leather Jacket. It is a must have in every guy/girls closet and is one item that when worn on top of anything from a frock to shorts or a skirt can instantly add style to the look . 

Maroon Faux Leather Jacket         : Pab Jules available at
Black Top                                             : Forever21
Tan Suede Wedge Sneaker Boots : Zara
Blue Jeans                                           : Gia at Westside Stores
Faux suede Tassel Bag                    : Westside Stores
Watch                                                   : Tommy Hilfiger


That’s all for this look book !
Hope atleast one of these items gets added into your winter clothes chest if not I hope you atleast loved the looks and incorporate the style into your own wardrobe.

Until Next Time ,
Bye My Loves…


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