I was Body Shamed in Public

Hi my loves,

So if you have been following me on instastory you would be well aware that I went for my first ever live IPL ( Indian Premier League ) match and it was…………………………………………………………………….
Now I am usually all about positivity , happy vibes and the good sparkly stuff but this blog post is nothing like that. I’m sorry if ” Baby , that is what you came for ” but today you ain’t gettin’ any of that here ! 
Disclaimer : This is straight up a post of me ranting about all the crap I went through that evening . So if you are interested in that then read on , else I shall see you again next blog post with all my usual rainbow , happy , positive vibes . 🙂

It was the 24th of April and I was supremely excited for my first ever live cricket match. Incase you have read one of my earliest blog posts – 17 in 2017 ( You can read it here :- https://confessionsofthechubbytwirler.wordpress.com/2017/01/05/17-in-2017-2/ ), you will know that watching a live cricket match was one of the things to do on my list this year. So my friends and I booked tickets for Mumbai Indians vs Rising Pune Supergiants , which was to be held at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. Apart from the fact that I would be watching a match live , I was also really excited to go back to the stadium that hosted my school sports days back in the day. We all got matching tees for ourselves , decided upon the timelines for meeting each other and were all set to have the evening of our lives !
I had a long day that day with back to back meetings and by the time I was done with all of them, I was running a tad bit late . My uber driver still managed to make me reach 20mins before the match and the Mumbai traffic was also a little less ruthless on us than usual !
As I was about to take the turn , from the main road for Gate 4 of Wankhede , the security guy there put the barricades. All the other cars before me were allowed to enter . I asked him what’s happening and he said that I would have to get off , on the main road and walk from here on.
Now let me give you a lil background on me if you don’t know already. I am a very healthy person. I get regular body check ups , blood tests, BP tests and ECG’s done and I have no major complications . I did have a major car accident few years ago because of which I developed sciatica on my left leg. For those of you who don’t know what Sciatica is , it is the compression of the sciatic nerve which is the biggest nerve in the human body . The sciatic nerve runs through the entirety of your leg till your spinal cord. There are many forms of sciatica and it is one of the most underrated disorders in the human body. Because a person suffering from sciatica never has any outward show of such a grave issue happening to him/her. We are in constant pain and cannot walk much or stand for as long as even 10 mins at a stretch or even sit or sleep in certain positions . Imagine that a 100kilo weight is tied around your lower back and that your entire left or right leg is lit on fire and you have to get through life and work and socialise everyday with that . That is the kind of pain that we go through – some less and at intervals and others constantly till as long as they live. Sadly there is no cure for this ! Also like many other blessed women in the world , I have extremely painful menstrual cycles. Horrible stomach cramps , weakness , lower back pain and now cause of sciatica , along with the sciatic pain , my legs also go really weak during my periods.
So on that fateful day , I had just got my periods and I was also super tired after all the meetings I had earlier. I knew I would have to walk from the main gate till the grounds and stand in line for the frisking and that the seats would be cramped and uncomfortable but I was not prepared to walk the entire lane from the main road in all that pain. I requested the guard , telling him that my leg is in pain and to allow my car to go inside . ( It’s not even like I was asking some special permission ’cause the cars before me and my friends’ ubers were all allowed inside ). He agreed and removed the barricade .

BUT !!!
This other gaurd from behind says , ” Kha kha ke itni jaadi ho gayi hai toh aisa hi hoga ” !!!!!!!!!

I was shocked hearing this. I rolled the window down and started yelling at him to which he began hurling abusive words at me . This TRIG security guy who is supposed to be kept at the event to maintain the peace and decorum of the place is standing there yelling dirty abusive words at me . Finally one of the seniors , I am guessing , came and asked me politely to leave and head inside in the car  , while that uncouth imbecile continued to yell at me from behind him . I rolled up my windows and left as I was already late and all my friends were waiting for me at the gate.
Trig , what kind of people do you have working for you ? Isn’t it your responsibility to have trained guards who know how to speak to and handle people . Is this the kind of training you guys give ? No wonder crime rates are increasing so rapidly because people such as this guard , forget their place and arrogantly think that they are the boss of us . Correct me if I am wrong , but don’t you guys earn your living because we , the people  , pay hefty amounts for the event ticket which inturn gives the event organisers the funds to pay you guys.
You guys claim that ,
” To manage such high end Human Conglomeration, a Highly Skilled and Vigilant Team of Security Personnel are required to maintain the decorum and smooth functionality of such gatherings. TRIG Group excels in offering State of the Art Security Solution for Events and has been successfully designed and delivered foolproof security solutions for events of National and International significance .”
What kind of high skills are you talking about ? Oh the one where your guard insensitively body shamed me or the one where he hurled crass abusive words at a lady !
Well who am I to complain right ? When such a huge celebrity , a person who owns the frickin’ team that was playing in that stadium , was unjustly banned from the stadium for 5 years because he stood up against the rude and uncivilised behaviour of the security towards his young daughter ( read Shah Rukh Khan ) , then why will my concerns be addressed ?

This episode just ruined the rest of the evening for me. To top it all up , at the security ,  my brand new bottle of Victoria’s Secret Body Splash had to be discarded by me in order to enter the premises ’cause apparently bottles are the source of a security threat in the stadium. What even ??? I never knew I had such a dangerous weapon in my purse ! I wonder if they allow 1 year old kids’ milk bottles into the stadium , ’cause they are bottles too and haven’t you heard of that story where a mass killing happened because of the milk bottle’s nipple 😐 ( sarcasm ). You know what the irony is here though , that , inspite of all of this , security issues still take place , people still die and get injured because those things are well thought of and we civilians suffer and are hassled either way !

Apart from all this I did have a good time towards the end because I had calmed down by then and my friends really did try hard to get my mind off of that incident . All in all it was a great experience paying 3 grands + 2800 of my Body mist to get body shamed and abused at in public by a watchman , to get stepped on a gazillion times by passers by and food vendors at my seat , to sit uncomfortably in those tiny seats amidst all that crowd and noise covered in 300litres of sweat and to actually enjoy the last bit of the match. Good Times 😀 !

I shall be back soon with lots of positivity ,
Until then,
Bye my loves ,


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