Monsoon LookBook with Online Stores

” If you’ve never fallen in love at first sight , you’re shopping on the wrong site !!! “

Hi My Loves ,
It feels like ages since I’ve blogged , hasn’t it ? Well my apologies for the delay but I promise I have made up for it .
I bring to you this blog with 4 of the most popular Plus Size online brands. Being plus size , I understand how painful and stressful retail therapy can be. Till a while back we hardly had any stores catering to our needs here in India . But slowly and steadily that scenario seems to be changing. We not only have walk in stores now selling plus sizes like – Westside , Pantaloons , aLL and Lifestyle , but also many new online sites dedicated solely to plus sized clothing have come up recently . Although we still have miles to go for complete fashion democracy , these new stores are a welcoming change !
Even though time to time , I post photos on my Instagram and Facebook feed featuring these brands , I have come to understand that a lot of you still aren’t very familiar with these sites. I get DM’s , inbox messages and mails asking me where I shop from or which stores or sites have plus sized clothing. Hence here I will be talking about 4 online sites for all you plus size shopaholic divas out there. Are they Yay or Nay ? Let’s find out !

Amydus was my first ever plus size online purchase back in 2014 . I still have that pretty bird print maxi dress with me . This brand was out there to help us Big girls find fashionable clothes back when Big wasn’t the new Black ! What I love about this brand is that although they are sort of the pioneers when it comes to online plus sized fashion , they still are always looking to better their game and have new and latest trendy apparel flooding their website almost on a weekly basis . You will also need to be proactive here with your “add to cart” game ’cause if you get laggy chances are that your favourite product will get sold out in no time . They have sizes ranging from a UK 16 to a UK 28 . You can find everything here from basic tees , leggings , jeggings and camis to Casual Indian Kurtas , Formal work wear , Party dresses and Jackets and even Night wears . Amydus is definitely a YAY all the way for me .

Wearing :-
Chambray Off the Shoulder Dress : Amydus
Scarf                                                     : Accessorize
Purple Boots                                       : Hong Kong Local Store


A brand that is only about a year old but has quickly earned it’s place in our hearts and our wardrobes is Calae . They call themselves a one stop shop for every kind of plus sized clothing and I tots agree ! Staying at par with the latest trends of the season , this brand is your place to go if you are looking for fashionable , fun , flirtatious and feminine designs. Calae believe’s that their customers are like family and I can vouch for that . A lot of brands don’t realise that the best way of marketing their brand is by word of mouth, by having happy customers . I still remember , I must have been Calae’s first few customers ’cause I fell in love with their designs as soon as I saw them launched on the site and ordered few dresses right away , but there was some mishap with the logistics company and the products didn’t get delivered on time . I was contacted directly by the CEO of Calae who got the deliveries sorted . Such personal , proactive resolutions to a customer’s woes are what I love in any organisation . I am sure this trait has helped them earn brownie points with several other customers around the globe . Calae is a definite YAY for me . They have sizes ranging from USA 14 to 26 . Go forth my loves and explore the pretty world of Calae ! ❤

Wearing :-
Printed Layered Dress      : Calae
Tassel Earrings                   : Blueberry at Koovs
Charm Bracelet                   : Koovs
Knotted Slip On sneakers : Westside Stores


If you don’t mind paying a lil’ more for a beautiful cut and fit then Afamado is the place for you . Apart from  generic plus sizes they also make custom , tailor made dresses for you on request …now that’s just Wow ! As of now this brand only has dresses but be sure to note that their designs more than make up for that. I was left spoilt for choice the first time I surfed their website . I absolutely love their superior quality in the materials that they use and the beautiful prints that they have . Yay Yay Yay !

Wearing :-
Floral Dress      : Afamado
White Brogues : The Label Life
Cloche Hate      : London Local Store


With one sale or the other going on most of the time and with super affordable prices , this brand is a go to for college going girls who care more about quantity than quality . At first when I came across this brand , I thought it to be really promising by the looks of their designs . But as they say , do not judge a book by its cover , I faced issues with their clothing and sizing time and again . I was once sent a piece that not only was defective but was infact even marked as defective by perhaps their quality check , but still that was mailed to the me . I then faced sizing issues with another product and they refused to get it exchanged- what they would rather have a customer do was to pay Shipping charges to get their product delivered , Return the product on her own to the warehouse bearing shipping costs and again place a New order paying shipping charges for that yet again ! And when I got in touch with them through customer service and by DMing them on Insta , they had nothing to say or no way ease this process , rather they just kept blabbering about “company policies ” . Such kind of customer service is unacceptable by me . A lot of my followers on insta wrote back to me about the issues with quality and sizing that they faced as well with lastinch. If you are a daredevil and are willing to risk your money..haha…then Lastinch awaits you ..But for me , it is a big and bold NAY !

Wearing :-
Aztec print dress  : Lastinch
Earrings                 : Addons , Infinity Mall Malad
Knotted Sneakers : Truffle Collection
On my lips              : L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick – PM412 Arabian Night


SO my loves , this brings us to the end of this blog . Hope your retail therapies are more rewarding and fulfilling than before now . Let me know which brand you shop from or will shop from . Also tag me in your shopping spree posts . I would love to see all you fashionistas !

Until Next Time ,

Bye my Loves ,



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  1. Sanchia says:

    This is awesome .. very encouraging ! But I still don’t find my size on any of the above :/ I love stalk buy love ! Keep them blogs coming !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ConfessionsofTheChubbyTwirler says:

      Hey Sanchia ! Thankyou so much for your love ! Plus sizes in India still don’t have wide range of sizes unfortunately but you could mail me your size and I will surely try and incorporate a look book in my future blog on brands that cater to those sizes and are easily available in India 🙂 !


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