~Plus Size Swimwear in India~

” No Thigh Gap ? No Worry ! It just means that you’re one step closer to being a mermaid “

Happy New Year My Loves ,
How has your year been so far  ? too early for the year to being or has 2018 already begun showing you what an amazing or disastrous year it’s gonna be ? Well I send you tons of positive vibes for the year and if not anything else , this year sure is an amazing year for your Summer Wardrobe and I’m here to make sure of that . 
How you ask ???
I have 3 words for you – PLUS SIZE SWIMWEAR .
It’s really sad that here in India , one of the hottest countries on the planet , we don’t have access to good swimwear …not even for straight sized people ! Plus Sized girls have not a single retail brand that caters to them . For the longest time I have been getting my swimsuits from the U.K or U.S.A along with any relative or friend that visits India but this time I found this holy grail of a site with some really cute designs in plus size swimwear .
the name of the site is…….wait for it……..
Twinkle Deals !!!!
And I’m here to guide you on how to use it .

Some pointers you would need to keep in mind while ordering from Twinkle Deals…

  • This is a Chinese website .
  • All the products are priced in US dollars and you will be charged as per that days’ conversion rate by your credit card company.
  • Only Credit Cards work on this site and not debit cards .
  • You wont be asked for an OTP or Ipin to authenticate the transaction . The order will directly be placed once you fill in your credit card details and press submit . [That is how all international transactions from any website work ]
  • The swimsuits are priced really reasonably so don’t expect Nike ,Adidas , Speedo or Reebok kinda quality . The quality is amazing for the price that you get it for .
  • All 3 of the swimsuits that I received has padding for the breasts and the hygiene panty liner stuck on to them. They all came is separate sturdy zip lock bags that I use now to store them.
  • Since it’s an international website , be sure to order our stuff way in advance . It does take an average of 15-30 days , depending on which shipping method you use , for it to reach you. Mine came in 20/25 days in separate packages as I had opted for free shipping .
  • Their customer service was very responsive to my genuine doubts about the tracking etc . I didn’t get tracking details as I had selected free shipping but I just trusted and waited patiently .
  • You need to be patient for these orders.
  • Sizing for all 3 of my swimsuits was very accurate . When you click on a size , it’s relative size guide comes below it . Please do follow it.
  • A lot of the products have reviews on them , so incase you have any doubts about a certain product , you can always check the reviews .
  • This is not a sponsored blog . I ordered 3 products from them and all 3 of them are lovely . I will definitely order more this summer .

You can find below pictures of 2 of the products that I purchased . I still haven’t work or shot in the 3rd one. I wear a USA 18/20 so ordered sizes equivalent to the same .
Unfortunately my loves , the blue bikini is sold out . But the lime green off shoulder swimsuit is still available and a bikini similar to the blue one is available in pink…I’ll link the products below .
I will also leave links to some swimsuits and bikinis hand picked by me .


Lime Green Floral Swimsuit : Find it here

Some other swimsuits that I liked…

Swim Cover Up



Ready to feel like a mermaid this Summer ?
Tag me in your swimsuit pictures incase you do order from here .
Also how did you like this blog…comment and let me know.

Until Next Time ,

Bye My Loves .




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