18 in 2018 !!!

Hi My Loves,
It’s the 18th of the first month of 2018 and what better day to make a list of resolutions for the coming year . Last year as well I had a “17 in 2017” list of resolutions . If you haven’t yet read that blog then here it is…

The new year is always a time to start afresh .
To leave the failures and disappointments of the previous year behind and be hopeful for positive opportunities that lie ahead. 
To make resolutions about your weight !!!! Can we cut the crap already ??!?!?!
First of all the entire mindset behind losing or gaining weight is wrong ! The only and only reason why you would wanna lose weight is ’cause you’re not happy and you feel that , that is because you don’t look like the stereotypical perfect bodies that the media has fed us . That is the ONLY reason ! And honey , if you aren’t happy now because of the way you look , you will not be happy after you achieve that goal weight either . On the other hand , if getting fit , becoming stronger or becoming healthier is your goal then losing weight should not be what you need to pursue . Start exercising and start eating a balanced diet ( And this does not mean those stupid diet fads that are so harmful to your body in the long run ) , if then weight loss happens naturally and organically through the process then that is another thing . 
So let’s throw away the shallow resolutions based on appearance and looks this year and make way for resolutions that actually help nurture our mind , body and soul – That is what will truly make you Happy !

I could not achieve even half of my set resolutions for 2017 because I honestly had a really tough year. Some due to lack of positive vibes around me and some due to lack of motivation . This year I plan to do better ! 
So here is my list of things that I wanna do in 2018… Let’s go !

  1. Watch a Stand Up comedy Live !
  2. Learn to cook one recipe that I have never eaten before .
  3. Visit Coorg or do a Jaisalmer , Jaipur & Udaipur trip .
  4. Volunteer for a good cause either with animals or people in need.
  5. Have friends over for a meal cooked by me.
  6. Put out 1 Dance video every month .
  7. Blog more often .
  8. Write one letter every month to a person. (cause nobody does that nowadays and writing letters is way more precious than whatsapp msgs or facebook status updates )
  9. Learn something new – a sport / an instrument / a language / a craft or TO DRIVE !!!
  10. Restaurants I wanna try – Yauatcha , Masala Library , Busago , The Yoga House  and Gada da Vida.
  11. Finish” reading 2 books in the entire year !!! ( See , I couldn’t even do it last year ! I’m really not fond of reading books )
  12. Attend a meditation course at Vipaasna.
  13. I will stop procrastinating and keep and live up to my own deadlines ! ( I am never late on a dead line given to me by somebody else but I am a horrible procrastinator when it comes to my own work ! )
  14. Visit China or Dubai this year .
  15. Work on making my right leg stronger so that I can win over my Sciatica !!!!! Yasss !!!
  16. Meditate everyday .
  17. Do a Phone Detox Day every month .
  18. If I am able to heal my sciatica , I wanna start cycling and walking again ! I was really big on cycling and walking till 2014 , I’d play music on my ipod and just walk to places randomly . I’ve walked from Andheri to Madh Island , Bandra to Andheri , Kandivali to Andheri at so many instances . And not ’cause I had to but ’cause I just felt like it . Walking from Oshiwara to Lokhandwala was a regular thing for me but now because of my sciatica , I can’t even walk till the end of my lane . So this would be something I really hope I could conquer this year !

So that’s it…those are my 18 things to do in 2018. Now it’s time for you to make your list !

P.S : I shall keep updating this blog and strike out the goals that I achieve as and when they happen…

Until next time.
Bye My Loves …



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