2017’s Winter Trends that we are lovin’

Fashion is what you’re offered four times in a year by designers , Style is what you choose .

Hi My Loves,
Every season , as the fashion gurus sitting in Milan and Paris decide upon what should dominate our wardrobes for the coming few months , there are still some trends that we just don’t seem to let go of until it becomes a complete fashion faux pas.
So come along my fashionistas , let’s check out 4 such trends from 2017’s Fall/Winter collections that we totally are gonna continue on to 2018 !

1. 70’s Plaid
Plaid and Checks are usually connected to 90’s Grunge but last season was all about the bright plaid from the 70’s . From Coats and Pants to Full length Gowns , different types of plaid ruled the winters last year . Here also , in the plus size world , in India , we spotted all types of plaid from Window panes and Tartans to Gingham in mostly every brand .

Wearing :-
Tartan Dress : The Chubby Twirler
Grey Turtle Neck Top : Next Official
Burgundy Boots : Zara


2. Couch Florals
If your grandmother was any bit an interior designer back in the day , her living room was what inspired designers last season and we ain’t complaining ! It’s literally the Vintage Floral prints from her curtains and couches back then that have now translated into everything feminine – From frocks and casual tops to princess gowns and sneakers even . This is one trend that I am sure to carry forward into Spring /Summer 2018 .

Wearing :-
Yellow Floral Frock : The Chubby Twirler
Pink Floral Frock : The Chubby Twirler
Brown Boots : Forever21
Grey Over the knee boots : SimplyBe UK








3. Velvet
Velvet has been one fabric that I just cannot seem to let my obsession over it go . My love affair with velvet has been loyal and strong ever since I first wore my velvet burgundy skirt in the 3rd grade . And when this 90’s favourite came back in trend in 2016/2017 , I was ecstatic ! This is a fabric that instantly adds luxury and regal vibes to your outfit. It has always been a staple when it comes to Indian Wedding outfits but last season , the velvet , more so The Crushed Velvet was seen in formal dressing from Blazers , Body Cons , Trousers and Full Suits to Skater Dresses and Sneakers . Light colours like Blush and Grey and Royal Colours like Emerald Green and Maroon are what mostly ruled the velvets across designers.

Wearing :-
Green Velvet Jacket : The Chubby twirler
Yellow Midi Frock : Haute Curry
Boots : Truffle Collection
Blush Velvet Dress : Forever21
Blush Coat : Forever21
Pink stilettos : Lokhandwala



4. Patent Leather
The last year was all about bringing back the good old days … and Thank God for that ! One trend that particularly caught my eye was the Patent Leather Trend – At it’s pinnacle in the 80’s , Shunned in the 90’s and back n kickin’ in 2017 . I dont know how much of this we can still use here in hot and humid places like Mumbai but I’d say enjoy it while it lasts. In other words , before the sweat stains start transferring onto chairs and sofas . Although leather jackets have never left , patent leather was seen last season on skirts and boots to tops and bagpacks .

Wearing :-
Black Patent Leather Skirt : Nexus by Lifestyle Stores
Maroon Hoodie : Amydus
Patent Leather Burgundy Boots : Zara
Stockings : SimplyBe UK


That’s all for today my loves .
Let’s see what Spring Summer 2018 has in store for us .

Until next time,

Bye my loves



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