Summer lovin’ with Shein

” Not the type of girl who wants her guy to get her flowers , a Dress with flowers on it on the other hand is something I wouldn’t mind ūüėČ “

Hello Hello Hello !!!!
India is finally opening its doors to international plus size brands and we couldn’t be more happier . This means access to Fast Fashion and latest trends at cheaper rates .
One such brand that has been raging all over the internet is the China based brand – SHEIN !
Now I know , that as soon as you think of a Chinese¬†brand , your mind instantaneously goes like , ” I won’t get my size here ” . Well I am here to clear all these doubts about Shein , right here right now . Let’s go…

  • I ordered 3 dresses and a top from Shein.
  • Shein has a dedicated site for India where all the products are listed in Indian ruppees.
  • They have a specific Plus Size section under their Clothing tab.
  • Their clothes are extremely reasonably priced .
  • You will find the latest trends even in the plus size section .
  • Be sure you check the size chart for each product before you order. Shein doesn’t have a generic size chart for all their products site wide , instead it has a specific size chart which is different for each product .
  • A 3XL in one product will be equivalent to an XL in the other , so I can’t stress enough on this point – Check the size chart before ordering .
  • They have COD , Debit and Credit Card facilities .
  • The products shipped to me within a week so that was super quick.
  • I wasn’t charged any custom fees on my order .
  • I ordered cottons for Summer and they are extremely light , breezy and comfortable to wear in the scorching Mumbai heat .
  • One of the frocks that I was very eagerly waiting for claimed to have embroidery on it on the website. And it looks just like embroidery , I kid you not…but it’s printed . LoL !!!
  • Overall I would say Shein is a definite Yay provided you do your homework and order the right things .
  • I am not too sure how their returns work but I guess you do have to pay for returns yourself which is not something that I would advise since it is an international site.

Hope I’ve covered all the points , do let me know if you have any more doubts . Leave me a comment here or DM me on instagram .
Let’s get down to the dresses now….

1.  Shop this dress here -> Tribal Flower Print Tunic Dress

I am wearing a 3xl in this…



2.  Shop this dress here -> Shirred Waist Botanical Dress

I am wearing a 3xl in this…


3.  Shop this dress here -> Surplice Wrap Floral Top

I am wearing a 3xl in this…


4.  Shop this dress here -> Buttoned Neck Floral Dress

I am wearing a 2xl in this…



So that’s all for today my loves. Stay tuned for my next blog on another very raved about international brand. Which you ask…stay tuned !

Until next time ,

Bye my loves ,



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