#NOVABABE -ing with Fashionnova Curve !

” Plus Size Women have arrived in Fashion and we aren’t taking NO for an answer ! “

Hello my loves ,
It has been quite a while since my last blog . Well not really but I kinda feel so , so sowieee . But I am back and making up for it…BIG TIME !!!!
As you must have seen on instagram
( If you still aren’t following me on Instagram , what are you doin sista !!! Go now and follow me -> @thechubbytwirler . ) , Fashionnova ships now to India and me your beloved chubby is one of their first Indian #NovaBabe !!!
I know….soooo exciting !!!! So allow me to spill the burgers on the how’s and what’s of ordering from Fashionnova Curve !
Grab a snack , Get comfortable and Let’s Get Started…

Well , so Fashionnova is a brand from the U.S.A . It is a fast fashion brand that has gained immense popularity on social media because of its amazing amazing designs and cheap prices ! One of their USP’s is that they make the same kind of designs in straight as well as plus sizes . Yay for fashion Inclusivity ! So what your girl did was , in order to know and understand how their shipping and order placing works , so that I can give you girls the right info , I went ahead and ordered for myself 2 dresses apart from the sponsored clothes that I had already received . Just for you guys 😉 .

  • Order placing is really simple.
    You go onto their site , everything is priced in USD ,
    figure out what you like ( after browsing through their gazillion designs and fantasising wearing them ) ,
    add to cart ,
    get 20% discount off of your entire cart ,
    punch in your credit card details and address and
    voila !!! Order Placed …
  • You do need a Credit Card since it is an international site . It doesn’t accept Debit Cards.
  • While placing the order , you will not be asked for an OTP or IPIN . That’s just how all international shopping websites work.
  • Don’t forget to put in the coupon code ’cause once the order is placed , you cannot cancel it and place a fresh order with the coupon code.
  • Make sure to put in your phone number and address properly. A friend of mine got this mixed up and her package was stuck at the courier office for 10 days until she realised that something was wrong…
  • Signing up for their news letter is different from Signing up for an account. So make sure you sign up for an account before placing on order . Creating an order as a guest will cause too much of a hassle for you as well as for their customer care to track your details.
  • While ordering make sure to read their size guidelines in order to get the perfect size ’cause returns are not something that you wanna go for . You have to pay for your own returns which is very expensive from India .
  • The sizing is on point and pretty much like the sizing of Forever21+ or Next UK .
  • I wear a 3X in all their clothes .
  • After your order is shipped from their warehouse , it takes about 8-10 days for it to reach you. Which is super fast considering it is an international site.
  • There is an additional shipping charge of 10$ for international shipments .
  • The indian courier partner is Aramex .
  • Once it gets handed over to Aramex , you will receive a text message from aramex asking you to submit your KYC document ( passport , license or aadhar ) to a link that will be given in the text . This is required for customs purpose.
  • If you do not receive this text in a week from placing your order then your phone number entered while placing the order must be incorrect so Aramex hasn’t been able to text you this and your package most likely will be held up at customs ’cause of this.
  • If this is the case , then don’t worry , all you need to do is contact Aramex customer care , give them your details and order details and they will help you out with the customs link.
  • You are charged a one time customs fee upon receiving the parcel , which you have to pay to the courier guy in cash . It is a very basic amount ranging between 200-300 rupees.
  • Now that your order is here…ENJOY , FLAUNT and share your NOVA BABE experience with everybody else…

1. Multicolour Sequins Top
This is a crop top with bell sleeves. It is available in size XS-3X. Sequins was huge last season and it may still work for parties . Dress it up with skirts or down with denims . Your call…

Pink Tulle Skirt : The Chubby Twirler Label
Blue Pumps : Hong Kong
Unicorn Hairband : Craft Shop in a local market


2. Through The Crowd Ruffle Green Jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are not available in India for Plus Sizes , let alone a ruffled jumpsuit ! So obviously when I saw this , I jumped right at it ! ” When I see something I love , I gotta have it…I just gotta ” – Noah from The Notebook . I love the emerald green colour , it looks so chic , i love the side slits, they are not too high and not too short , love the small tie up in front and I love the ruffles. Wear this with a shrug during the day or a blazer for work and just like that for a night out in da club ! B-)

Platform Sandals : Clarks
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Earrings : Stylefiesta


3. Malinda Navi Maxi Dress
THIS DRESS !!! Can we all just take a moment and let the beauty of this dress sink in. Yeah, let’s…
Now….this dress may be a little scandalous to wear regularly in your home town. I kid you not , I have never felt as intimidated as I did while shooting this in the middle of Asiatic Library at office hours whilst every single person on the main road was breaking their necks to see me ….hahahaha. But you know your girl , nothing stops her from getting her perfect pictures so after 4 poses , I stopped caring ’cause , ” people will stare , make it worth their while !” . Anyway , so this romper/dress  can be a very beautiful addition to when you are travelling abroad on a vacation. People don’t stare there !
I see myself wearing this at a beach destination with a big floppy hat and sunglasses !
Will you go scandalous and wear this ? Let me know in the comments below…

White Sandals : Jabong
Watch : Juicy Couture
Heartbeat Chain : Koovs


4. Lure Maxi Dress
This is one of the most prettiest gowns that I have ever owned . I feel like I am all dressed up for Cannes or something . The material is so great . The details make it look so chic and the colour is soooo elegant . Wear this for that big date where you know he’s gonna pop the question , a cocktail event or a fancy dinner .You can even dress this down by wearing a white tee underneath . That look is really hot right now…

Earrings : Forever21
Watch : Michael Kors


5. Una Love Latex Dress
Latex has been really trending since 2017 , be it clothes , bags or shoes . The 90’s punk rock fashion statement has made its way back into our closets but in a more elegant way. Blush is also a colour that is really hot this season . Pair the two together , you get the perfect fashion piece. Although wearing latex in the summers is not advisable, specially in humid cities such as Mumbai , I did not have a tough time shooting in this , surprisingly ! The latex is very comfortable , stretchy and thin . It comes with inbuilt padding so my ta-tas were more than happy with this tech in the dress 😛 . Wear this for a fancy brunch or an event and you’ll be sure to draw everybody’s attention 😉 !

Sandals : Sole Story from Koovs
Pearl Bracelet and Pearl Hoop earrings : Pipa Bella


So that’s all for today my loves . 
Stay tuned for next weeks blog – Active Wear !!!! Yasss…

Until Next Time ,

Bye My Loves ,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonia says:

    Hi I’m a fan of fashion nova.
    I usually get my package as mentioned by you but this time instead of getting it couriered by Aramex, they sent the parcel via post. The post office has charged ₹3200 as custom duty whereas I always pay around 300-400.
    Please let me know what should I do? I really need the package urgently.


    1. ConfessionsofTheChubbyTwirler says:

      Hey Sonia , I am so sorry , I read this super late. How did you solve this ? Were you able to ? What I’d suggest is mail Fashionnova about this issue and ask them to sort it out for you. 3200 is a looot of money for customs ! This is ridiculous.


  2. Vini says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. How much duty did you have to pay for the fashion nova shipment. I’m in Mumbai and just ordered from fashion nova.


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