Plus Size Active Wear Look Book

” Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do , not a punishment for what you ate over the weekend “

Hi My loves ,
As you know one of the many stigmas that the society has on plus sized people is that they are unfit and that they don’t exercise ! Well sadly , the million dollar fitness industry has over the years embedded this thought so deeply into our systems that it will take a while to remove this stereotype . So until we continue the good fight against body shamers and these ill informed notions , let’s be happy that at-least the apparel industry has finally realised that we workout too ! A lot of you repeatedly ask me about sites where you can buy active wear from . Well brace yourselves ’cause I have not 1 , not 2 but 3 websites where you can shop those cute active wear clothes that you see other girls at the gym , dance class or yoga class wear ! Let’s get right into it then…

1. Amydus

When it comes to anything plus , the first name that pops up into our heads nowadays are the pioneers in Plus Size Fashion in India – Amydus ! So obviously when it came to active wear , why would they not be in the forefront ! These tights from Amydus are super supportive . They have a tummy tucker like band that sucks you in so that you feel more held in while working out and running . The material is perfect for anybody looking at rough and tough workout wear ’cause they wont tear with wear ( our thighs rubbing against each other ) anytime soon.   I had myself an enjoyable run in these. The T shirt is also equally comfy and has such a motivational quote on it . The material is as usual very breathable and light for these summers. I am always a size 4 in Amydus :).

Wearing :-
Shoes : Fila
Headphones : Customised Skull Candy



2. Calae

Calae , a brand that turns 2 very soon has been relentlessly working towards getting the plus size community a diverse range of apparels . They had these ripped leggings last year which I sooooo loved and have used those so many times in my dance videos . This year they have just launched their summer collection with bright fun tees and this really cute cut out leggings in black ! Cut out leggings…yassss ! Guess who is gonna look bomb at the dance class next time ! The leggings are of lycra material , same as the ripped leggings and are super light weight and breathable at the same time not being too thin for us to feel uncomfortable . The tees offer a fun fit and they are available in cute half sleeves . The grey leggings that I am wearing is cotton and is super comfortable , clearly , for all those yoga stretches . I wear a 24 in their tops and a 20 in their tights .

Wearing :-
Shoes : Street Style Store
Hairband : Forever 21
Watch : Aldo


3. Next

Now not a lot of you know , inspite of me featuring their clothes so many times , that there is a UK based brand called Next that is available on Jabong and their clothes fit like a dream . The fabrics that they use , the colours and the range is so trendy and just amazing . For the longest they were my favourite , before I discovered Indian brands . Only downside is that since their products ship from UK , they take quite long to arrive – like 2 to 3 weeks. But this is all tracked and completely safe from the Jabong website and also returns is exactly like Jabong returns . Easy and Hassle Free ! My hoodies and shorts both are from Next . I wear a 22 in their brand.

Wearing :-
Shoes : Truffle Collection
Sports bra : Rainbow shops USA



So that’s all for today. Next blog is something for you corporate beauties …
P.S : you don’t need to wait long 😉 .

Until next time ,

Bye my loves ,


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  1. Shrishail says:

    So beautiful ooooo


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