The College Edit with Stalk Buy Love

If I’m going to be a mess , might as well be a Hot Mess ! – Even us plus size girls wanna feel this way growing up .

Hi my loves ,
I always say , when somebody asks me about my confidence story that , I don’t have some great story about the moment I decided to be confident ’cause I have always been a super confident person growing up . I was really popular in high school and college too . Now that I think about it , probably a lot of my confidence came from the fact that I was really fashionable and dressed well . I’d experiment with fashion even when straight sized girls were afraid to try that trend . I was like a nano/ micro influencer for my peers even back then…haha !
So basically what I am saying is , it used to be really hard back then to look as cute as your thinner peers who had a ton of fashionable options but but but , now we girls have so many options and one such brand that I love is Stalk Buy Love !
I have curated 4 looks for different occasions in your college life …
Let’s check it out …

P.S : This Blog was initially scheduled to go live in June , at the start of the academic year but due to technical and logistical issues , it kept getting delayed . I am really sorry my loves . I hope these looks can still inspire you to rock bombass when college re-opens in January ! * Kisses & Hugs *

  1.  Puppy Love Coffee Date Look
    I still remember that jittery feeling on my first date in college with my now Husband ( finally getting used to calling him this 😛 ) . I also remember the number of clothes I changed before finalising that Pink corduroy jacket , blue tee and jeans … I had to sit on a bike so I couldn’t wear a dress on a bike back then and jeans were cool in 2007 okay 😛 ! So I know the pressure of looking cute af on your first date , so I have made it a lil simpler for you by curating this look which screams fun , playful , light hearted , pretty and CUTE !

    Jumpsuit : Brenda Plus Size Knotted Playsuit
    Size : 26
    Sandals : Dorothy Perkins at
    Watch : Michael kors
    Necklace : Name pendant , a gift from a friend


  2. Christmas / New Year Party Look
    The party season is upon us and if not in time for Christmas / New Year’s , this look would also be perfect for that Valentine’s dinner date or the college Farewell Party .
    Own your body and get ready to hit the dance floor like …EVERYBODY IS WATCHING ’cause believe me , they all will be once you show up there oozing sexy and confidence ! Slay my love …awoohooo !

    Wearing :-
    Skirt : Amyra Plus Fringe Detail Skirt
    Size   : 24
    Top   : Maria Plus Sheer Blouse
    Size   : 26
    Sports Bra : Jockey
    Pumps :
    Earrings : H&M
    Rings :


  3. Bunking Lectures for a day out with Friends Look
    Plaid is a staple for any wardrobe . It’s a classic and all the more in the winters . This look is perfect for a fun picnic or day out or with thicker stalkings or leggings , can be worn even at college .

    Wearing :-
    Dress : Checkered Eleanor Plus Knotted Skater Dress
    Size    : 26
    Stalkings :
    Boots : Westside Stores
    Bag     : Westside Stores
    Bangles : Forever21


  4. Preppy but Sexy College Look
    Why stick to one look when there are so many different options for us girls ? I have combined the pants that took over the fashion world in 2018 , the side button pants with a preppy top for a super cool vibe . Add pumps to confuse them with your style or go cool with white sneakers . The choice is yours…

    Wearing :-
    Top : Tomiko 2 in 1 Plus Embroidered Top
    Size : 24
    Pants :Eudora Plus Side Striped Trousers
    Size : 24
    Sandals :


So that’s all for now . Tag me in your pictures if you try these looks out and I’ll share that on my story !

Until next time ,

Bye My loves !


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