* Life is too short to wear boring clothes !!!*

Are you a curvy girl ? Do you love fashion just as much as any other girl but are weighed down by society’s stereotypical rules about what you should and should not be wearing according to your “shape and size” ?? Do you also go through a traumatic shopping experience everytime you enter a store just to find out that either , the trendy stuff doesn’t come in your size or , the stuff that is in your size is something your grandma would probably wear ??? Well then, you have come to the perfect place !

“Confessions of #TheChubbyTwirler” is a blog by Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar : Part time Model , Fashion Stylist , Choreographer , Voice over artist , Dancer , Wannabe Singer and now Blogger , and a Full time Dreamer , Movie Buff , Shopaholic , Foodie , Laugher at lame jokes , Music Lover and Gossip enthusiast !!!
She believes that fashion is for everyone and most of all she believes that in order to carry any outfit, confidence is the key and not size , and that confidence only comes when you accept your BODY unreservedly  . 
Follow her for your dose of Body positivity , Everyday “wearable” Fashion and Happy Vibes ❤

P.S :- The above bio is written in third person as if , somebody had done research and written an illustrious piece highlighting what an amazing person I am, but in reality I wrote it myself while I munched on Lays Chili Lemon, chugged a can of Coke and listened to “The Bare necessities” from The Jungle Book playing in the background. Because I am an awesome grown-up B) . KBi..